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Find out everything you need to know about hotels, restaurants, attractions, culture, and things to do in the host city of the 2023 OCR European Championships.

World-class sports centers


Tata is a baroque town with 25 thousand inhabitants – located in a valley, between the Gerecse Mountains and Vértes Mountains – situated near Budapest. Its charm is reflected through the historic buildings for which the renaissance fortress is best known for.

The town’s local history collections and the open-air geological museum are also well worth a visit. Its large lakes and popular outdoor swimming pools attract the fans of aquatic sports and angling while the shady parks refresh the lovers of nature.

Tata is attractive in all seasons but is most exciting in summer when colorful festivals, outdoor concerts and acknowledged sports events take place in the town. Boasting a variety of comfortable hotels, campsites, restaurants and cafés, Tata ensures a warm welcome for all visitors.


Access the official website of the Northwestern Hungarian Olympic Center to find out more about the services and facilities of the next location of the 2023 edition of the OCR European Championships.


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