Please read the following information prior to registration

The following page contains information related to the proper registration procedure (FAQs) for the National Team and the OCR100 start waves managed by Federations.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION RELATED TO REGISTRATION the deadline for registration is may10th

General Rules

Managing qualifications for OCREC24

Each National Federation is obliged to publicly share its qualification races and qualification criteria based on these guidelines – including its decisions regarding the qualification of foreign athletes – on its website or other platforms. See an example here. In addition, each National Federation must display the list of currently qualified athletes on its website.

From January 1, 2023, only athletes with a license from the National Federation can qualify and register for any competitive waves of the European Championships!

National Federations decide on the qualification criteria for adaptive-athletes. NF’s can opt for a qualification-based system or direct selection.

All Adaptive Athletes will need to to be classified by the World Obstacle Para Committee prior to registration. Your Adaptive Athletes must fill out the Medical Diagnostic Form for Athletes with Physical Impairment and sent it to the Committee for evaluation. The Committee will reply with a approved form that can be used for registration.

Adaptive Athletes will have to upload both documents (the Medical Certificate and the Medical Diagnostic Form for Athletes with Physical Impairment).

Each National Federation can only nominate one team per category (men, women, mixed, adaptive) to represent the country. National teams can only be registered by the National Federations using a special code, issued only to the National Governing Body.

Starting 2023, all athletes starting in the National Team Race can only compete while wearing the official national technical equipment of their National Federation.

Please request the codes for the National Team Race (Men, Women, Mixed, Adaptive) at the following e-mail address:

Each country can nominate up to 20 competitors:

1 male+1 female youth
1 male+1 female junior
1 male+1 female senior\elite
1 male+1 female master
1 male+1 female adaptive

= 10 slots reserved.

The other 10 slots are for each country to decide how to split.

Please request the codes for the OCR100at the following e-mail address:

The unfilled qualification slots (not used by a country) may be filled up by other countries’ athletes. If a National Federation has unfilled slots, it has to report to the following e-mail address at the latest by 31st of March, 2024.

The remaining spots, if any, shall also be filled up by the countries which may apply for the remaining spots at the following e-mail address at the latest by 31st of March 2024, indicating the number of spots needed.

Please request the codes for OCR100 and National Team Race at the following e-mail address:

Price list for Federations
Dates National Team OCR100
Until the 31st of January, 2024 170 50
Until the 10th of May, 2024 185 55
Prices are expressed in EURO

1. National federations must name their team members during the registration process! The registration period will be open until May 10th, 2024! In this way, the registration team can check the submitted documents of the competitors and the necessary qualification criteria!

The same racer cannot participate in more than one national team! (eg. different persons shall be nominated for the men’s, women’s and mixed teams!)

2. It is possible to change one or more team member at a cost of 30 € till 7am of race day. The first change is free of cost.

National uniforms are mandatory to race in:

  • Short race elite\age group\adaptive waves
  • Standard race elite\age group\adaptive waves
  • National Team race
  • OCR100 race

Athletes are forbidden from wearing national uniforms in:

  • Short race open waves
  • Standard race open waves
  • Fun races waves
  • Competitive Team race

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