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OCREC 2023

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The results are verified by the European Obstacle Sports Federation, and backed by WADA Anti-Doping testing, ensuring fair competition and upholding the integrity of the sport.

OCR100 | OCREC 2023

Short Course | OCREC 2023

Standard Course | OCREC 2023

Team Relay | OCREC 2023

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3km+ Short Course

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Team Relay

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Welcome to the Results & Feedback page of the 2023 OCR European Championships from Hungary!

We are thrilled to unveil the official results of this extraordinary event that brought together the very best athletes from all across Europe. Congratulations to all the athletes who participated and showcased their exceptional skills, determination, and sportsmanship. Your dedication and hard work have made this event truly memorable. You have truly raised the bar for European Obstacle Sporting events to a new high. We hope that the 2023 OCR European Championships from Hungary will be cherished as a milestone in your sporting journey. Thank you for being part of this remarkable event.

The OCREC 2023 Organizing Team

One more obstacle to go:

Now, we invite all athletes to share their invaluable feedback with us. Your insights are crucial in our mission to continuously elevate the championships and deliver an even better experience. We value your perspective, and your feedback will help us refine our organization, course design, logistics, and overall event management. Your voice matters, and we encourage you to utilize the dedicated athlete feedback channel.

In addition, we extend a warm invitation to all participating federations to contribute their feedback. As key stakeholders in the Obstacle Sports community, your expertise and observations are essential. Your feedback will assist us in shaping future championships, ensuring they are a true reflection of the sport’s growth and evolution. We kindly request all European Federations to utilize the dedicated federation feedback channel to provide us with their valuable insights. Your feedback will not only enhance future championships but also contribute to the development of Obstacle Sports as a whole in Europe.

Proactive measures taken to improve future event delivery: 

To ensure a seamless and error-free delivery of future editions of the event, starting 2023, the European Development Committee is establishing a dedicated Workgroup – composed of former and current OCR European Championships Race Directors – tasked with assembling an Event Delivery Rulebook. This rulebook will serve as a comprehensive guide, outlining best practices and protocols for all aspects of event organization, from logistics to participant management. By implementing this rulebook, we aim to minimize mistakes and streamline operations, providing a better experience for federations, marshals, athletes, and spectators alike.

Introduction of the internal and external rating system: 

Starting from 2023, the OCR European Championships will receive two rating systems to evaluate and compare performance between editions. Firstly, we are implementing an external rating system known as the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures athlete satisfaction. This feedback-driven system will provide valuable insights into the overall event experience, enabling us to identify areas of strength and areas for further enhancement from the athlete’s point of view. Additionally, we are establishing an internal rating system, the Internal Quality Metrics (IQM), which will assess various aspects of event execution, ensuring consistency and excellence across editions. These rating systems, which will be conducted year after year, will serve as vital tools in our ongoing quest to deliver a better version of the European Championships.

Raul Fodor,
Chair of the Development Committee,
European Obstacle Sports Federation

rating and feedback-ocrec23

Rating & Feedback

Athlete Experience Feedback:

Rate the event and share your feedback in just 1 minute! Your opinion, as an athlete, plays a vital role in the overall improvement of the event. Your input is essential in helping us enhance future editions of the OCR European Championships. Access the OCREC Athlete Experience Feedback Channel form below.

Federation Experience Feedback:

Elevate the overall event experience for all federations by sharing your essential rating and feedback for the current edition of the OCR European Championships. Your insights hold tremendous value in shaping the future of the sport. Access the OCREC Federation Experience Feedback Channel form below.

We kindly invite you to share your feedback until the 25th of July 2023. We appreciate your time and participation in shaping the future of our event.

See you at the next edition!


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