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The following page contains information related to the registration procedure (FAQs) for International Technical Officials.

The presence of International Technical Officials (ITO’s) is essential for the success of a major sporting event. They are the ones that ensure the safe and fair play of the competition. If you are a certified International Technical Official, we need you on site at the 2023 OCR European Championships!

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We require that you:

  • are a trained and experienced official, top levels as 4 and 3 are preferred, we reserve also to evaluate 2 and 1 for additional roles or tasks
  • have confident knowledge of English
  • are in good relations with your National Federation
  • are at least 18 years old


What we can offer for ALL WEEKEND Technical Officials & Marshals:

  • accommodation at the event venue for 3 nights, from Thursday* to Sunday.
  • 3 meals /day
  • free ticket for the FUN RACE on Sunday afternoon**

* it is mandatory to arrive on Thursday early afternoon in order to be present at the initial briefing.
** the Fun Crew Race is scheduled to take place on Sunday, at 1PM.

What we can offer for Technical Officials & Marshals that can only attend for 1 or 2 days*:

  • 1 meals /day
  • free ticket for the FUN RACE on Sunday afternoon**

* You must participate on the daily briefing in the morning.
** The Fun Race is scheduled to take place on Sunday, at 1PM.


An email was sent to those accepted as Technical Official for the next OCR EC!

In the email you will find: 

  • The days you are engaged in
  • The race/races you will be working in
  • The nights and complimentary dinner, and lunches you deserve
  • Your type of accommodation (double room, triple room ecc.)
These assignments are based on the information available today, we reserve the right and freedom to make some change or modification if needed for the overall event benefit.

Note that If you are 1st level Technical Official we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to an obstacle as we also may need your help in other tasks such as giving directions on the race course, checking-in, luggage store, refreshments etc.

For the event we may not fulfill your requests as we have a good number of TO and we proceed to assign tasks and roles on the base of level, experience and application history.

It is necessary to check the file and reply to the email to confirm your presence and acceptance of the benefits described above. Deadline is mandatory by March 24th., otherwise you will not partecipate as a TO. Confirm to

Please, communicate anytime your changes/not availability to participate as a volunteer, TO or staff so that we can immediately replace your accommodation. Failure to participate as a TO will result in the room charge being billed to you or to your National Federation.

Within the next few weeks you will receive your hotel details (address, check in/out timetables…).


  1.  Can I book additional nights as a TO or member of the staff OCR EC 2024?
  2. Can I bring an extra guest with me during my stay as a TO or member of the staff OCR EC 2024?

Yes you can!*

FULL BOARD ACCOMMODATION : € 80 p night / p person + Breakfast, Packed lunch, Dinner (Lunch on site at the Hotel is possible with a discount 10% on the daily menu).

City tax must be paid cash upon your arrival at check in time at the Hotel.
(A full deposit must be held within the 30th April, refund is possible till 1st June 2024)


Write an email to:
*subject to availability


I already have my accommodation during my stay as TO, volunteer or staff OCR EC 2024…can I have a refund instead of an accommodation provided by you?

Yes you can!**


Keep a copy of your invoice and payment as it mandatory, and ask for refund (max 50 € per day) to:

** The refund will be issued only upon receipt of our written confirmation.


The quotation is fixed and we can arrange only this kind of accommodation.  All the hotels we propose are at a walkable distance from the starting line OCR EC 2024 and will provide at early morning your packed lunch for race days.


We are looking forward to meeting you on the course and being part of a great event!

Please note that ALL WEEKEND ITO’s are preferred because of organizational reasons. Accommodation for those who can only officiate for one or two race days will be decided later – at the discretion of the Organizing Committee – based on the number of the overall registered athletes. We are not able to arrange transportation to the event or cover travel expenses, you must make your own travel arrangements.

Reserve your spot as an ITO at the OCR European Championships. The registration window is only open until the 10th of May, 2024!

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