First National Championship Worldwide

In 2014, Italy had its first OCR, 100% Italian, Inferno Run in Florence.

In 2015, the number of OCRs in Italy increased  by 18 to over 30. In the same year we had the first Italian OCR Championship with the purpose of establishing a national circuit of the best competitive races throughout the country.

In 2019, the 5th edition of the  Italian OCR Championship took place with 8 races, valid for European Championship  and OCR World Championship qualification



The ASD Federazione Italiana OCR (Obstacle Course Race) was established in June 2016. Its purpose is to represent, control and promote the growing sport of OCR throughout Italy. Over the years, OCR in Italy has grown quickly, form from 15.000 athletes in 2015 to 48.000 in 2018.

The Italian Federation OCR is an independent, democratic and non-profit organization. It brings together associations and sports clubs that are committed in the development and growth of OCR sport through training, teams, sporting events and competitions across Italy.

FIOCR manages and promotes all the obstacle course races, organized by more than 40 clubs and\or association, that are part of the Ocr Italian Championship (Campionato Italiano OCR) and Ocr Regional Championship (Campionato Regionale OCR). Regional Championships allow best athletes to get qualifications for the Italian Cup and International Championship.

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FIOCR is the only Italian organization recognized by the EOSF – European Obstacles Sport Federation and World OCR – Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles.
World OCR is an international synergy aimed to enable the growth and acknowledgement of obstacle course racing as a sporting discipline.

Every year FIOCR selects the most representative athletes to be part of the Italian National OCR Team.