Frequently asked questions


1Where can I register?
Via this website at this page
2How do I prove to be qualified?
Elite and Age Group participants should sent the results of the qualification race for verification to:
3What categories are available for registration?
Short Course and Standard course: Elite or Age Group. If your register for Journeyman (Open registration) no qualifying is necessary. On the Team race there is: Open team and Elite team.
4Can I switch categories after registration, e.g. from Journeyman to Age Group?
Yes this is possible, however for a competition wave proof of qualification is mandatory.
Please not that an administrative fee will be charged each time you change a category.
5What is the OCR EC refund policy?
In the event of cancellation by the European Championships organizers, participants will be issued with a full refund of their registration fee. Refunds are not provided otherwise. You can not defer your qualification or registration to the following year.

Changing area & showers

1Is there a guarded cloakroom?
Yes, every participants gets a wristband that can be used to identify yourself at the guarded cloakroom.
2Are there seperate changing areas for male and female?
Yes, there are seperate changing areas for male and female.
3Are there showers available?
There is a possibility to rinse yourself, however, there are no shower cabins available.

Championship course

1What is the distance of the championship course and what obstacles are there?
The short course will be approx. 3 km and packed with obstacles The standard course will be approx. 15 km an contain about 50 challenging obstacles.
2Will there be lots of water at the course?
Yes, there will be water For the standard course you have to be able to swim however for the short course no swimming skills are needed. Also keep the water in mind when choosing your gear.
3Are there care posts on the course and what do these offer?
Yes, these are available. There will be water and fruit for you on the course.
4Will the championship course be the same as the Flevonice permanent obstacle course?
The site includes a permanent obstacle course, but this will not be the Championship course. Indeed, some of the permanent obstacles will be used as part of the EC course, but we are building a completely separate course which will run both on and off the Flevonice grounds. The complete course will consists of approximately 50 technical and / or strength based obstacles. You can expect a return of the wooden obstacles from 2016, but we will have many new surprises for you. We represent all top European race events and we will demonstrate this in our choice of obstacles.
5Will it be possible to try or practice the championship obstacles prior to the event?
It is prohibited to enter the championship course prior to the event, however, it is possible to enter the Flevonice permanent obstacle course prior to the event (ticket not included). Indeed, some of the permanent obstacles will be used as part of the EC course.


1Are competitors required to complete all obstacles?
Failure to complete an obstacle will lead to removal of the competitor’s wristband (if he/she still has it and unless otherwise indicated) and to a time penalty.
Completion of all obstacles (therefore, keeping the wristband) is mandatory to be eligible for awards/prizes
2Are competitors competitors allowed additional attempts?
In case the competitor’s attempt to complete an obstacle fails, the competitor is allowed additional attempts, provided he or she is not blocking the path of other competitors attempting that specific obstacle for the first time.
3What is considered a valid attempt?
With regard to all obstacles it is obligatory to make at least one serious attempt to complete the obstacle. This implies competitors are not allowed to simply skip an obstacle and the “touched” principle is not applicable.
4How does the time registration work?
The event will use “gun times”. This implies that the start time of all competitors in a particular start wave is considered the same. Please make sure the ankle strap with time chip is firmly secured around the ankle. At the finish line, an additional time registration will take place by an OCR Official / adjudicator. It is the responsibility of the competitor to make sure the OCR Officials / adjudicators at the finish line spot the competitor.
5What are the penalties for not completing an obstacle?
Failure to complete an obstacle will lead to removal of the competitor’s wristband (if he/she still has it and unless otherwise indicated) and to a time penalty this time penalty amounts to 10 minutes and will be applied after the end of the race (there are no penalty boxes). The time penalty may be adjusted per obstacle taking into account the general difficulty of the obstacle; this will be communicated prior to the race. There are no physical alternatives for the obstacles or penalties, such as burpees, push-ups etc. For avoidance of doubt, competitors without a wristband are not eligible for awards/prizes, but they will be mentioned in the official results (in a separate category). Losing your wristband or receiving a time penalty does not mean the competitor is disqualified: the competitor is allowed to continue the race and become a finisher.
6How will compliance with the rules be monitored?
The OCR Officials / adjudicators of the Alliance of European OCR Associations will monitor compliance with the Rulebook during the championship; any objections will be handled and settled by the race committee. We are aware that certain rules are subjective and can be interpreted in several ways, which may lead to discussions. The interpretation of the Rulebook by the OCR Officials / adjudicators at the location/obstacle will be leading. We are also aware that the Rulebook is not all-inclusive: in case there is no specific rule for undesired conduct or situations, the OCR Officials / adjudicators at the location/obstacle may complement an existing rule based on the purpose and the scope of the Rulebook and in order to prevent dangerous situations.
7What is the policy on Performance enhancing substances?
There is a zero tolerance policy with regard to drugs and forbidden performance enhancing substances, to which competitors must adhere. Competitors are invited to sign the 100% dope free statement on Competitors agree to be subject to selective drug testing prior and/or after the race. For the list of forbidden performance enhancing substances, we refer the competitor to the prohibited list 2016 of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).
8Where can I find the rulebook?
You can find the ‘Rulebook OCR EC 2016’ here.


1What kind of prizes will be awarded?
Prizes will vary from cash prizes to trophies and medals.
2Will there be prizes for all categories?
Yes, in all categories prizes will be awarded however prizes can vary per category.

After the race

1Will participants receive a shirt or medal after the race?
Only participants which completed the whole course will receive a medal and a finisher shirt after the race.
2Will there be pictures available and are there any costs involved?
Pictures will be taken on the course. These pictures will appear on our social media within days after the race. These will be available for free

Visitors & spectators

1What is the schedule for the day
The event area will be open for athletes and spectators from Thursday afternoon. When the last participants have finished a reward ceremony will be held at the Championship village. After this you can evaluate your race results with a drink or a bite.
2Do visitors/spectators need to pay an entrance fee?
There is no entrance fee for visitors and spectactors.
3Are there any spots for spectators along the course and at start and finish?
There are spots to spectate near several obstacles. and at start and finish.
4Will there be any food and beverages on site?
There will be several stands where you can buy food and beverages.
5Are pets allowed at the event area?
Pets are allowed on condition that they are on a leash.

Travel & Accommodations

1What is the address of the event area?
The address is: Flevonice, Strandgaperweg 20 8256 PZ Biddinghuizen
2Will there be parking facilities and are there any costs involved?
There is free on-site parking
3What are the nearest airports and how far are these from the event?
- From Airport Schiphol (Amsterdam) you can travel by train and bus to Biddinghuizen
4Is there public transport available to the event area?
Via the link below you can easily plan your trip within The Netherlands.
5How can I travel to the event area by car?
Via the link below you can easily plan your trip within The Netherlands.
6Which accommodations can found in the surroundings of the event area?
The Fancamp will be the place that brings OCR minded Europe together to share memories and have a price friendly stay. You choose your own type of stay : chalets, cabins or even a Safari Lodge (breakfast and BBQ party are included) For more information and bookings: go to the Fancamp website