Alliance of European OCR Associations

The Alliance is a cooperation of European governing bodies for Obstacle Course Racing. The Alliance is aimed at the promotion and development of OCR as a sport on European level.

The alliance currently consists of 12 associations covering 14 European countries

We support the founding of national governing bodies for all countries but we believe It is NOT in the best interest of the obstacle sport and its development if multiple governing bodies will be founded in one country.
For this we will only accept one governing body per country as a member to the Alliance.

A sports governing body is a sports organisation that has a regulatory or sanctioning function.
These governing bodies regulate and develop the obstacle sport by providing arbitration, advice, safety checks or administering championships

All members of the Alliance are:

  • An association or federation with it’s own registered legal entity.
  • Have the objective to be the the national governing body for their country.
  • Are independent and not for profit.
  • Led by a board of at least 3 individual board members.

For information, please contact us at:

New European OCR Associatons can join the alliance, please contact us.