European Obstacle Sports Federation

The European obstacle sports Federation (EOSF) is the umbrella organization for European obstacle sport. Founded on 8 april 2017 at Olbia, Sardegna, Italy.
The European obstacle sports Federation has the national obstacle sports governing bodies as its members.

The objective of the EOSF are, but are not limited to:

* To represent, promote and support OCR and Obstacle Sports in Europe;

* To set up, enact, administer and enforce rules governing OCR and to ensure that in championships and competitions, that such rules shall be applied;

* To facilitate and promote knowledge sharing and exchange of information between the Members;

* To aid the interests and wellbeing of the Members;

* Upon request and in agreement with its Members, to develop specific services for its Members in unique areas which avoid duplication and overlap;

* Arrange the annual election for the hosting of the OCR European Championships;

* Promote and support OCR and Obstacle Sports for children and people with a disability;

* Aid non-represented countries to establish national associations;

* To undertake and/or do all such things or activities as are necessary, incidental or conducive to the advancement of its mission and objectives. Represent, promote & support OCR & Obstacle Sports in Europe.

EOSF will also be working closely with events, the OSF (International sport governing body), national sports councils & Olympic committees to ensure all actions are in keeping with best practice & for the betterment of the sport.

We support the founding of national governing bodies for all countries but we believe It is NOT in the best interest of the obstacle sport and its development if multiple governing bodies will be founded in one country.
For this we will only accept one governing body per country as a member to the EOSF.

A sports governing body is a sports organisation that has a regulatory or sanctioning function.
These governing bodies regulate and develop the obstacle sport by providing arbitration, advice, safety checks or administering championships

All members of the EOSF are:

  • An association or federation with it’s own registered legal entity.
  • Have the objective to be the the national governing body for their country.
  • Are independent and not for profit.
  • Led by a board of at least 3 individual board members.

For information, please contact us at:

New European OCR governing bodies can join the EOSF, please contact us.