EOSF is a continental governing body created under the General Statutes of the World Obstacle, the Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO) for the region of Europe.

The organization has acquired legal status in 2017 and is organized in accordance with the laws governing the country in which its Headquarters are located.

The institutional (legal) name of the Association is “European Obstacle Sports Federation”, but the organization is also known under the common brand name of OCR Europe. Its headquarters are in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The current Executive Board of the European organization is composed from the representatives of: Italy, France, Romania, Hungary, Netherlands, and Spain.


The European Obstacle Sports Federation is designated as the sole competent authority – authorized and delegated by World Obstacle, the Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles – for the promotion, supervision, and directing of all men’s and women’s official obstacle sporting events from Europe.

The organization exists to represent the needs of its members, the Obstacle Sports Federations from Europe. Each year one of the member countries is designated by EOSF to organize the OCR European Championships.


EOSF promotes, supervises and regulates obstacle sporting events in Europe by:

  • Promoting the practice of obstacle sports and overseeing the organization of international competitions in Europe, for national teams and club teams, in a permanent, regular manner and in compliance with the FISO Official Competition Rules.
  • Abiding by the General Statutes of FISO and Internal Regulations
  • Abiding by and enforce the bye-Laws and all other Regulations of EOSF;
  • Impose sanctions upon the members and entities under its jurisdiction which are within its mandate and regulations;
  • Archive and make public the results of all international competitions taking place in its territory.


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