The OCR European Championship is a “brand independent”  event, which means that the event is not organised by a single event organizer, such as Spartan, or Tough Mudder.
Therefore it is not like a branded championship, hosted multiple times at the same partner race event. We strongly feel that The Independent OCR European Championship should represent the entire obstacle sport and not a single brand / OCR concept. We are the overall championship for all top European race events.

We guarantee our independence by using  a cooperation of European governing bodies to run the organization of the event. The organization is in the capable hands of this cooperation and not the responsibility of a single sports board. The second edition of the OCR European Championship will once again be held in the Netherlands, mimicking the World Championship which also took place in the same country in subsequent years. However, the venue for the second edition will be different from the previous edition. The change of venue is a deliberate choice to emphasize the independent character of the OCR European Championship.

The 2017 location is Flevonice in Biddinghuizen. The site includes a permanent obstacle course, but this will not be the Championship course. Indeed, some of the permanent obstacles will be used as part of the EC course, but we are building a completely separate course which will run both on and off the Flevonice grounds. The complete course will consists of approximately 50 technical and / or strength based obstacles. You can expect a return of the wooden obstacles from 2016, but we will have many new surprises for you. We represent all top European race events and we will demonstrate this in our choice of obstacles.

Not all of our partner races are in this picture, for a full list please check: