Dear Athletes and Staff members of the National Federations,

You will be redirected toward the tourist information portal where you will find everything you need to know about hotels, restaurants, attractions, culture, and things to do in the host city of the 2023 OCR European Championships.

The OCREC23 Organizing Team

Book you stay at one of the recommended facilities:

Öreg-tó (Old Lake) Hotel

Located in Tata, close to the event venue.

Prices /night/ apartment:
Garden-access apartment for 2 people: approximately EUR 93
Garden-access apartment for 3 people: approximately EUR 131
Garden-access apartment for 4 people: approximately EUR 170

Extra bed (includes breakfast): approximately EUR 35
Small dog (under 12 kg): approximately EUR 13
Large dog (over 12 kg): approximately EUR 16
Daily Wellness Pass: approximately EUR 9
Buffet dinner: approximately EUR 18

Note that the conversion from HUF to EUR is approximate and may vary depending on the current exchange rate. For more information, please visit


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