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You will be redirected toward the tourist information portal where you will find everything you need to know about hotels, restaurants, attractions, culture, and things to do in the location of the 2024 OCR European Championships.

Alpe Cimbra Guest Card

The Alpe Cimbra provides guests staying at affiliated accommodations with the Alpe Cimbra Guest Card, granting access to numerous activities and experiences throughout the entire region. Winter sports, cultural activities, and transportation services are just a few of the many amenities included in the card.

If you already have the Trentino Guest Card and are not staying at an accommodation affiliated with the APT, you can purchase the Alpe Cimbra Guest Card extension at APT offices for a fee of €20.00.

Book you stay at one of the recommended facilities:

Hotels list

La MolinelaB&BB&Binfo@lamolinela.itwww.lamolinela.itvia E. Colpi, 327 – Folgariafolgaria
I FaggiB&BB&Binfo@ifaggilavarone.itwww.ifaggilavarone.itvia Reutele, 10 – Lavaronelavarone
FrancoliniB&B3 ***BBinfo@albergofrancolini.itwww.albergofrancolini.itloc. Francolini, 40 – Folgariafrancolini
Post Hotel FolgariaHotel4****B&Binfo@folgariaposthotel.itwww.folgariaposthotel.itvia E. Colpi, 124 – Folgariafolgaria
Al Sole Mountain ChicHotel3 ***B&Binfo@alsolemountainchic.itwww.alsolemountainchic.itvia Lega Nazionale, 49 – Folgariafolgaria
Alpen EghelHotel3*** SBB e HBinfo@alpenhoteleghel.itwww.alpenhoteleghel.itvia A. Maffei, 49 – Folgariafolgaria
Luna BiancaHotel3*** SBB e HBinfo@lunabiancahotel.itwww.lunabiancahotel.itvia C. Battisti, 41 – Folgariafolgaria
SeggioviaHotel3*** SBB e HBinfo@hotelseggioviafolgaria.itwww.hotelseggioviafolgaria.itFr. Francolini, 32 – Folgariafrancolini
MiramontiHotel3 ***BB e HBinfo@miramontilavarone.comwww.miramontilavarone.comfr. Gionghi, 1 – Lavaronelavarone
Club AlpinoHotel3 ***BB e HBinfo@clubhotelalpino.itwww.clubhotelaplino.itvia E. Colpi, 170 – Folgariafolgaria
Grand Hotel BiancaneveHotel3 ***BB e HBinfo@grandhotelbiancaneve.itwww.grandhotelbiancaneve.itvia A. Maffei, 134 – Folgariafolgaria
Casa AlpinaHotel3 ***BB e HBcasaalpinafolgaria@gmail.comwww.cremonavacanze.comSP 143, 21 – Folgariafolgaria
Da VillaHotel3 ***BB e HBinfo@hoteldavilla.comwww.hoteldavilla.comviale Dolomiti, 6 – Lavaronelavarone
Due SpadeHotel3 ***BB e HBinfo@hotelduespadefolgaria.itwww.hotelduespadefolgaria.itvia Lega Nazionale, 41 – Folgariafolgaria
GrizzlyHotel3 ***BB e HBvacanze@hotelgrizzly.itwww.hotelgrizzly.itFr. Fondo Piccolo, 21 – Folgariafondo piccolo
IrmaHotel3 ***BB e HBinfo@hotelirma.itwww.hotelirma.itvia D. Chiesa, 8 – Folgariafolgaria
MartinellaHotel3 ***BB e HBmartinella@mhhotels.euwww.mhhotels.euvia Martinella, 53 – Folgariafolgaria
MonteverdeHotel3 ***BB e HBinfo@hotelmonteverde.itwww.hotelmonteverde.itfr. Gionghi, 112 – Lavaronelavarone
RosalpinaHotel3 ***BB e HBinfo@hrosalpina.comwww.hrosalpina.comvia Strada Nuova, 8 – Folgariafolgaria
TrentinoHotel3 ***BB e HBinfo@hoteltrentino.itwww.hoteltrentino.itvia A. Manzoni, 63 – Folgariafolgaria
VezzenaHotel3 ***BB e HBinfo@hotelvezzena.comwww.hotelvezzena.comStrada dei Forti, 2 – Passo Vezzenapasso vezzena
Villa WilmaHotel3 ***BB e HBinfo@hotelwillawilma.itwww.hotelvillawilma.itvia Della Pace, 12 – Folgariafolgaria
VittoriaHotel3 ***BB e HBholidays@hotelvittoriafolgaria.itwww.hotelvittoriafolgaria.itvia L. Cadorna, 2/6 – Folgariafolgaria
Life Des AlpesHotel3 ***BB e HBinfo@lifehotelsdesalpes.itwww.lifehotelsdesalpes.itvia Pasubio, 40 – folgariafolgaria
Park Hotel MiramontiHotel3 ***BB e HBinfo@miramontiparkhotel.itwww.miramontiparkhotel.itvia D. Alighieri, 12 – Folgariafolgaria
Villaggio NevadaHotel3 ***BB e HBinfo@villaggionevada.itwww.villaggionevada.itvia Fontanelle, 47/49 – Folgariafolgaria
RomandaHotel3 ***BB e HBinfo@hotelromanda.netwww.hotelromanda.netvia Trieste, 27 – Lavaronelavarone
Caminetto Mountain ResortHotel3 *** SBB e HBinfo@caminettoresort.itwww.caminettoresort.itFraz. Bertoldi, 60 – Lavaronelavarone
Al PianHotel3 ***BBinfo@hotelalpian.comwww.hotelalpian.comvia Vicenza, 132 – Loc. Pian dei Pradifolgaria
SayonaraHotel3 ***BB e A. Maffei, 52 – Folgariafolgaria
AlaskaResidenceovernight stayinfo@clubers.comwww.clubres.comvia Galileo Galilei, 11 – Folgariafolgaria
CaprioloResidenceovernight stayinfotiscali@residencehotelcapriolo.comwww.residencecapriolo.itfr. Stengheli, 102 – Lavaronelavarone
StellaResidenceovernight stayinfo@residencestellafolgaria.comwww.residencestellafolgaria.comvia Negheli, 44 – Folgariafolgaria


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