• OCR European Championships

    8-11 JUNE, 2023
    Tata Olympic Center, HUNGARY

  • #OCREC23 | Team events

    Run against the best teams from Europe in the Competitive Team waves or qualify for the National Team and represent your country at the only official European Championship for Obstacle Sports.

  • #OCREC23 | Para OCR

    For the first time in the history of the event, the OCR European Championship will incorporate start waves for Para Athletes.

  • #OCREC23 | Age Groups & Open

    Compete against Europe’s top age group athletes on the Short Course or Standard Course formats. You can also choose to register for open start waves and test your skill on the courses of the OCR European Championship.

  • #OCREC23 | Kids & Juniors

    The 2023 edition of the OCR European Championships will also focus on the new generation on athletes.

  • The symbol of the 2023 OCR European Championships

    One of the most stunning and mystical symbols in Hungarian mythology is the turul bird. The origin of this legendary bird goes back to prehistoric Hungary.

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Tata Olympic Training Center

Event location

The Northwestern Hungarian Olympic Center, Tata – Hungary

The Tata Olympic Center – as it is officially called – is one of the best-known sports facilities in the country for top-level Hungarian athletes training for the Olympics or International competitions.

The services of the training camp are frequently used by national and international sports federations – from various disciplines – to prepare their athletes for international competitions. 

The training camp is located about an hour’s drive from Budapest, in the green belt of Tata, in the area of ​​a 220-year-old English park, on the shores of Lake Cseke.

Access by car: Through the M1 motorway.

Access by train and airport transfer from Budapest: Details will be provided soon.

For more information on the location of the next edition of the OCR European Championships, please visit mnsk.hu

OCR European Championships 2023

The OCR European Championships is the official Obstacle Sports Championships for Europe. The event is under the regulation of the European Obstacle Sports Federation (EOSF), the Governing Body for the Sport in Europe.

Registration for all competitive waves of the OCR European Championships shall be open to national teams and club teams affiliated to national federations, according to the structure of competitions as defined by the Board of European Obstacle Sports Federation in accordance with Article 15 of the EOSF Bye-Laws.

The European Obstacle Sports Federation exists to represent the needs of its members, the Obstacle Sports Federations from Europe. Each year one of the member countries is designated by EOSF to organize the OCR European Championships.


Relive the best moments from the event from 2022



Main organizer

The Hungarian OCR Sport Federation

The organization – functioning under the legal name of  Magyarországi OCR Sportszövetség – was established in 2017. Starting 2021, the organization was recognized by the Ministry of Sports as a National Sports Governing Body for Obstacle Sports in Hungary. The Federation currently incorporates 30 Sports Clubs.  Its purpose is to promote and regulate obstacle sports – and its sub-sports – in Hungary.


The European Obstacle Sports Federation

The European Obstacle Sports Federation is designated as the sole competent authority – authorized and delegated by World Obstacle, the Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles – for the promotion, supervision, and directing of all men’s and women’s official obstacle sporting events from Europe.

Event Schedule

  • Race pack pickup
  • Official Opening Ceremony
  • Race pack pickup
  • 3k Short Course
  • Qualification Rounds OCR100
  • 12k Standard Course
  • Kids Race
  • Qualification Rounds OCR100
  • National Team Race, Competitive Team Race
  • Finals OCR100
  • Official Award Ceremony

Secure your spot

Get selected by your NF for the OCR 100 or the National Team Race

OCR 100
JUNE 9 – 10 – 11
  • Distance: 100m
  • Number of obstacles:12
  • Format: Individual
  • Start waves: Elite, Juniors, Masters

Compete on the first Standard Track from Europe and become the fastest Athlete from the Continent. Starting 2023, registration for the OCR 100 is only possible through your National Governing Body. Qualifying slots are limited to 12 Athletes / Country. Contact your National Federation for more information.

National Team Race
  • 12 km+
  • Number of obstacles: 20+
  • Format: Team relay
  • Start waves: Competitive Male/Female/Mixed Teams

Starting 2023, registration for your National Team is managed directly by your National Governing Body. Only Athletes qualified as Elite – that are competing with the official technical equipment of the NF – can be registered for these start waves. Contact your National Federation for more information.


Short Course
  • Distance: 3 km+
  • Obstacles 20+
  • Format: Individual
  • Start waves: Elite, Age Group, Para, Open

The first day of the European Championships will start in full-speed with the 3km Short Course. The length of this format  – combined with the one attempt rule on suspension obstacles – leaves you no room for any mistakes. It’s a all-or-nothing race between you and the best Athletes from Europe. Register for the opening race of the event. 

Standard Course
  • Distance:12 km+
  • Obstacles 40+
  • Format: Individual
  • Start waves: Elite, Age Group, Para, Open

The Standard Race is the most popular race from the European Championships but also, the most challenging of them all.  Your will need to use all the obstacle skills you possess to finish it with a bracelet. The one attempt on suspension obstacles will require your maximum concentration.

Competitive Team Race
  • Distance: 12 km+
  • Obstacles 20+
  • Format: Team relay
  • Start waves: Competitive Male/Female/Mixed Teams

The Team Relay format is making a comeback at the 2023 OCR European Championships. Qualify for the Elite or Age Group category, register your team, and run against the best Competitive Teams from Europe. The relay race format will be: 3km individual + a last 3km loop together. Don’t miss it!

Para OCR
JUNE 9 – 10
  • Distance: 3 km+ / 12km+
  • Obstacles 20+ / 40+
  • Format: Individual
  • Start waves: PO2 - PO4

For the first time in its history, the OCR European Championship will incorporate Para OCR start waves. Registration is possible for the Para waves of the following races: the 3km+ Short Course and the 12km+ Standard Course

Open Race
JUNE 9-10
  • Distance: Open 3 km+ / Open 12 km+
  • Number of obstacles: 20+ / 40+
  • Format: Individual
  • Start waves: Open

The open race format is dedicated to all the participants that want to try one of the courses of the European Championships. You can test yourself on the 3km+ Short Race, the 12 km+ Standard Race, or – if you think you are up for it – both races. 

Kids Course
  • Distance: 1 km+
  • Number of obstacles: 10+
  • Format: Individual
  • Start waves: Open (6yo - 11yo)

The 2023 OCR European Championships will focus on the young generation of athletes. Kids will have a dedicated race. The minimum age for registration for this event is 6 yo+. Register your child for the event. 

About Us

The Hungarian Obstacle Sports Federation is the official Governing Body for the sport of OCR, Ninja, and Adventure Racing in Hungary. For more information on HOCRA, please visit the website of the organization.

The base is located one hour from Budapest, in the middle of a huge century-old park, on the shore of a lake. The base is the main venue for training the national teams of Hungary. For more information about the location of the event, please visit the website of the organization.

World Obstacle, institutional name Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO), is the international governing body for obstacle sports and related events. Disciplines include Ninja, OCR, and Adventure Racing. For more information about World Obstacle, please visit the website of the organization.

The European Obstacle Sports Federation is the continental association of national member federations of World Obstacle – the Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO) – and implicitly, the umbrella organization for all obstacle sports in Europe. For more information about EOSF, please visit the website of the organization.

How to qualify

Qualification rules & registration procedures

Please keep in mind that starting 2023, all competitive categories require a qualification validated by your National Federation.
For information on how to qualify for the European Championships, please access the Regulation section of the website.
For information related to qualifying events, please access the official website of your National Governing Body.



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