ONLY TIME REGISTRATION (with and without wristbands)

These are only times as per chip registration for all competitors
with and without wristbands!

Our administration team is working hard to have final results as soon as possible!

Nett race times, not taking into account time penalties and (the loss of) wristbands. Also, some complaints that have been received will be taken into account in the final results, but are not visible in these race times.

Elite Male

Elite Female


16-19 Male

16-19 Female


20-24 Male

20-24 Female


25-29 Male

25-29 Female


30-34 Male

30-34 Female


35-39 Male

35-39 Female


40-44 Male

40-44 Female


45-49 Male

45-49 Female


50-59 Male

50-59 Female


Journeyman Male

Journeywoman Female